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The EyeEm Awards, New York, 2014,

Future London, June, 2015 theprintspace, London

MOPLA, Instagram Jam, 2015

MOPLA Annual Group Show at SPACE15TWENTY, Los Angeles, 2017


Nicola Buck is a British commercial lifestyle and editorial photographer, based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Qualifying with BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Painting and Photography from Sheffield Hallam University, UK, Nicola moved to London and worked for 9 years in a variety of commercial media roles, including magazine publications, stock image agency, design and advertising agencies as well as photographic assistant in the advertising industry. She lived in Germany for 8 years and speaks fluent German.

Camera always in hand, Nicola documents those real moments. A deep observational storytelling style. The images evoke more than a visual experience. No details go unnoticed.

Her personal work is a search for a reality. Her images may be viewed as something a little extraordinary. She observes the present but seeks an altered present, a parallel, an illumination of the every day. A sense of magical realism, shifting of what might have been a lost moment or be considered mundane into something more - focusing on what might be missed or changing the perspective.

Repositioning the everyday in attempt to bring about a specific feeling for a place, often away from its actual reality, Sometimes signs of living extracted or exaggerated. Unusual angles and use of fill in flash add to that feeling of an almost hypereality. The use of strong color runs through most of her work and the fascination with America that she has always had plays a big part in the overall aesthetic of her pictures.  

Inspired by color and light, darkness and artificial light. Idealism and reality, fantasy and banality, all at once in both faces and places. Mixing them up can change everything. Looking within, even quite literally with a macro lens, you see somewhere else. Finding what lies hidden or manipulating it to something you want to find.  A "moment" even just for the light, or catching an expression. Whatever reason, there is a need to record, of freezing memories and signs of our times, so as never to forget. Inspired by other photographers such as William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Martin Parr, Paul Graham, Philip Lorca di Corcia and Gregory Crewdson.