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The EyeEm Awards, New York, 2014,

Future London, June, 2015 theprintspace, London

MOPLA, Instagram Jam, 2015

MOPLA Annual Group Show at SPACE15TWENTY, Los Angeles, 2017


Nicola Buck is a British commercial lifestyle and editorial photographer, based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Nicola’s work has a distinct style and unique presence. With a background in both fine art and media agencies, she is combination of artist, creative director and photographer. Working on a deeper creative level, she combines her artistic vision and need to find substance and meaning with the very real understanding of what the client wants - both on an aesthetic and conceptual level, as well as understanding the demands of production.

A vital element in understanding her client is communicating well, empathetic of who they are as an individual or company, what is achievable and how they like to position their product and themselves. Clear about sticking to the brief and sympathetic of time constraints, but not afraid to add in more ideas. Flexible and able to work well with all walks of life, (including animals and children), Nicola makes the job fun and stress free!

In today’s world, images have replaced the words we once used. We read mostly in images and they saturate our world. It is therefore essential for a company or a brand to have consistently good, strong and beautiful images to represent them at all levels. Images are our loudest voice. Not just a photo but so much more. In Nicola’s images you’ll find a story, a detail or observation which gives away the personality of the subject, or adds a little soul or sparkle. Places have a magical feel. Energy and substance beneath the outer layers of the image. No words needed.

Originally from Chester and Norwich, UK, lived in London for 8 years and Frankfurt, Germany for 7. From a family of photographers, dancers, journalists and artists, qualified with BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Painting and Photography from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Nicola works for magazines, commercial companies and private clients.

Languages: fluent German, iffy French, restaurant Spanish.